Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today's Kawaii Item(s)! Day 13

Today's kawaii items are...

... my Hello Kitty Beanie Babies!

About the items: (in the order they were attained)
Pink Tartan Hello Kitty: my present from Anna for Chinese New Year, 2010. She's from Animal World!

Blue Overall Hello Kitty: I got her from a mall across Woodbine Racetrack. There was a sale (it was sort of an anime store, not sure if they're still there) so I couldn't resist!

Red Overall Hello Kitty: I got her from a party today! (Read more about it in my last post)

Hello Kitty overload! Not really. XD If you saw my Hello Kitty haul, then definite yes. This tiny Hello Kitty Beanie Baby collection is sure to expand!  

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