Friday, March 18, 2011

And the Happiness Level Decreases to Pain

A few minutes ago, I was about to write about my excitement of going to my next anime convention. Well, that excitement has turned into pain. I'm not going anymore.

Why is this? My source of transportation (my dad) has decided that it's too far and he's not taking me. He also said that I should've had a bigger group to go with (my original group consisted of just me and my sister).

Sayonara, big event that I kept thinking about this March Break. I'll see you in a few years, when I can legally be considered to be an adult and go wherever I wish. 

Besides the pain and sadness I feel, I also feel embarrassment. There I was, blabbing to the world in my previous posts about how excited I was about going, and I sit now, typing this, just a few hours from the big day, telling the world I can't go anymore. I guess this can be a part of a life-learning experience, or a lesson in the life of a young otaku. I won't delete any of my past MTAC posts, and also take this as an experience in blogging. My tears have finally dried up, and I'm going to accept that I can't go. My dried tears have left my eyes all big, red, and puffy.  

What can I look forward to now? In the near future (which is pretty much on Sunday) I'll be on my way to what I consider to be one of the heavens on earth-Pacific Mall. Pacific Mall, as I've previously mentioned, is one of the most beautiful places an otaku will see. As promised, I will try to take pictures of the mall and the stores. If my source of transportation (my cousin) backs out on this one, I don't know what will become of me. This disappointment was big enough. I don't need any more to further disrupt my mind.

Another thing I can look forward to is Anime North 2011. After a discussion, I definitely will be able to go to this one, as long as my commitments don't decide to take my entire weekend. This is one I will continue to pray to God for. 

One last thing I'd like to say is, to anyone who's read my past MTAC posts, please forgive me for talking on and on about an event I would end up not going to. This otaku will try her best next time. 

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