Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back To the Mall!

Anna, Claire, (Got permission to use her name!) and I went to the mall yesterday! We bought a load of manga again.  Anna bought a few mangas this time surprisingly.

There's my domo backpack at Anna's house! I came an hour early, so we had lots of time to waste!

Claire finally arrived! There's my domo bag to the left, and hers to the right. Now for pictures of kawaii-ness at the mall!

A clearer picture of one of Sephora's Hello Kitty windows

So God-like...O.o

Toki Doki Madness! 


My mangas! Anna bought me Oresama Teacher. Thank you very much, Anna! 

Anna's mangas she bought. She says her limit is six, so it's a first that she only bought four.  
Our mangas in comparison! 

Claire and I also bought ribbons for decoration. She wanted to decorate a shirt, and mine was originally for my mirror, but I think I might decorate my bookshelf instead. She bought a dark pink animal print ribbon, and I bought light pink ribbon with white polka dots. 

I can't wait to start decorating things with my new ribbons! If it doesn't look terrible, I'll post a picture of my results.  

Continue to enjoy your March Break, everyone! To those who aren't in the midst of a March Break, continue to make the best of the week! Don't waste it! To our Japanese friends that are suffering from the recent calamity, stay strong!  

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