Monday, February 28, 2011

Drawing and Loving Life!

First, Loving Life!

My friend Anna just sent me an email that made my day! Thank you, Anna! I was in need of something to make me laugh today! It reminds me of a quote I saw in the hallways in middle school:
"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
I don't remember who wrote this, but ever since, I've been making sure I share a laugh everyday!

I've been thinking about this for a while - drawing something and posting it up. I'm not exactly the best artist in the world, but I'm a perfectionist, so any artwork I show must somehow live up to my expectations. Since I'm announcing this to the world, I'm going to have to have to keep this promise.

So, in a few months or so, expect a drawing post!

Continue to love life everyone! We all have one life to live this world, so let's not waste it! Make the best of what time we have left to live!

A Vocaloid nuigurumi at Pacific Mall - Nuigurumis are one of the things in life that make me happy! 

Today's kawaii Item(s) (Day 3)

Today's kawaii item is...

my sister's coconut bun cell phone charm from a gachapon!

Again, this is a pretty old picture from last year. I was too lazy to upload pictures from my cell phone. Again. 

About the item: this kawaii coconut gachapon cell phone charm was from Pacific Mall. Well, it's not directly from a gachapon, since it was bought from a store, but it is sold in gachapons. 

It's getting a bit more harder for me to find these things, since I don't go out too much anymore. I'll have to wait for march break, or even summer to accumulate more items! 

Lolita Documentaries

Within the first few months on discovering lolita fashion (as in falling in love with it the second time I discovered it), I searched for anything relating to lolita fashion on youtube. After finding my first lolita documentary, my heart was set upon finding even more. For those who just discovered the fashion and would like to find out more, documentaries are a great source of information, since there are lifestylers there who explain about their experiences with the fashion.

I want to share that information with everyone. Here are just a few of the documentaries out there:

My first Lolita fashion documentary finding!

Here's also something interesting: Nana Kitade, a jpop artist known for following Lolita fashion, talking about Lolita fashion at a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Boutique!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking for an Anime Convention Around the World?

A while ago, I found a great website that lists upcoming anime conventions, AnimeCons. I found it a great source.

For those who have been otakus for a while now, you may already know this site. For the new otakus, I think you'll find it very convenient.

It shows some conventions around the world, and even pinpoints them on a world map. However, not all conventions are shown. I know for a fact that there are anime conventions in Asia, but they don't show them on the site. Even though this may be the case, I still find it a very reliable source.

Through this site, I found out that there will be one coming soon, on March 19 - 20: The Toronto AnimeCon, which happens twice a year. One in March, and one in December. I'm still debating on if I should go or not.

I hope this post helps some otakus out there looking for a convention near them. Have fun, otakus! I know you will, because I did!

Anime North 2010 - People heading for the Dealer's Room

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's kawaii Item(s) (Day 2)

Today's kawaii item is...

my little milk cell phone charm from  a gachapon!

It feels like it's been forever since I last wrote something, although it's only been a few days. I was out of ideas for the first time. I was being lazy, not wanting to work out some effort to upload pictures from my cell phone, so I picked an old picture I previously had uploaded (the reason why you can see the other kawaii items at the back!). Had I not been lazy, the background would've been white, just like the picture in my post about my chibi dolls (or should I say, nuigurumi!).

About the item:
As I said earlier, the milk cell phone charm is from a gachapon, one of the things I'm addicted to. I'm becoming a very serious gachapon collector. It's my second milk cell phone charm. My first one looks exactly the same, but with a red top, given to me by one of my best friends.

I can't wait to find more and more! I've been told they're a waste of money, but they're so cute! They are definitely more expensive if bought in Japan, so I'm thankful that they're as cheap as they are here. In Japan, I've seen prices around $6. There are stores here in North America that specialize in gachapon, and also have prices as high as these. I like saving money so I can buy more, so I buy from the $2 gachapons. They usually are around $2 anyways.

More "Today's Kawaii Item(s)!" posts to come soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strapya Kana Nishino x Gemcerey Princess Charm

The photo was taken from and the charm can be ordered here.

It's been a while since this came out, but I want to share it anyway.

I never thought Kana Nishino would actually have products out.

If you don't know who she is, she's a very famous singer in Japan, and supposedly is popular among the  Gyaru. Her audience not only consists of gyaru, but also the older generation.

She's one of my most favourite Jpop singers ever. In my list, Ayumi Hamasaki was always number one. Lately, Ayumi Hamasaki has changed the styles of her songs. These are styles that don't appeal to me very much. Meanwhile, Kana Nishino has been releasing songs that, on the first listening, have moved me. Not only have her songs grabbed my attention, but her voice, in my opinion, and the opinion of many other friends of mine, is perfect. I think it sounds cute. Not anime cute, but cute just to the point that it sounds in a way, mature. It's too hard for me to describe.

Here's one of her recent videos, Kimitte:

She has so many good songs out right now that I can't think of a favourite! I've loved all her songs since Tokutemo with Mr. Wise. Well, I discovered her when that song first came out, and since then, I've been watching out for any songs that she puts out. I didn't really like her songs before Tokutemo, but she's really changed since then.

 She has really good potential, and I think she's really brought it out. If I could buy her songs right now, I would, but those things aren't too easily accessible where I live. I'm going to have to wait for Anime North 2011. They sold Ayumi Hamasaki and Nami Tamaki CDs there, so they should be selling some Kana Nishino ones this year.

If I can find a Kana Nishino CD or her cell phone charm,  at the "nearby" (closest, around 45 minutes away. T^T) asian mall, I'll post pictures up! I just hope I can find it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do It Yourself! Cupcake Ice Cream Cones!

While searching on YouTube for icing techniques, I stumbled upon this video about making cupcake ice cream cones.

It seems easy, so I think I'll try to pull this off one day when I have all the resources and time.

I think it's perfect for any lolis out there!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Perspective On a Pink Bodyline Sailor Fuku

I browsed Bodyline recently to get a look at the things they had in the cosplay section. What I found there was a pink sailor fuku:

The sailor fuku can be ordered and the picture was found here.

I find it really cute, especially in the back. The back reminds me of chibi in a way. I fell in love with it at first sight. It's just so...kawaii! I would wear this to an anime convention if I could.

If I could order it, I would.

 Even if I could order it, I'd be somehow worried. I've heard about their quality. One side argues that it's ita, and the other argues that it's a "hit or miss" situation. The first side would argue back that in Japan, it isn't exactly welcome in events because it "steals prints". The other side would then argue that their prices are really cheap, and it's a great bargain.

I can't really take a side, since I've never bought from here. I'd rather stay on the safe side for now, and maybe either make it myself or find one in person and inspect its quality there. Maybe one day if I'm dying to get something from there, I'll order there, but I still haven't found anything that's fully taken over my brain.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Milky Planet Mindflash!

In English class today, we were assigning each other roles for a skit. One of the characters was a little girl, and it was decided that it would be me who do that part! While brainstorming, I suddenly had an image flashed into my mind of what I would look like in the skit. The skirt of course, Angelic Pretty. Surprisingly, it wasn't the wonder cookie print, but the Milky Planet Print: (the detail is so intricate!)

Besides the skirt, I also saw myself wearing a pastel pink hoodie, sitting on the floor reading (part of the skit was having the little girl reading on the floor).

I'd have to say, this print might be my second favourite print from Angelic Pretty. That beautiful print really got to me. After that, it might be the Sugary Carnival Print that comes in third, but I still have to decide on that.

Again, I saw blue clothes. Are my dreams telling me I'm destined for blue instead? I doubt that, but maybe my inner self somehow is telling me that I need more pastel blue in my life. This used to be my favourite colour, but I've moved on back to pink. I prefer pink over blue at the moment, but we'll see if I submerge into the sea of pastel blue again. This has happened to me with pink, so why not blue?

Photo rights go to Angelic Pretty. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Strapya Bio Tech Plant Cell Phone Charm

If you think that earpick charm was the weirdest thing ever, you're wrong. Strapya has much more than that.

For those who check Strapya often, this is old news, but for those who don't check it at all, here's something the West has probably never thought up: a living plant cell phone charm.

Here was where the photos were taken and the charm can be ordered.

This is perfect for anyone plant obsessed. My dad, being a plant obsessed asian might even like this!

There's no maintenance involved. That pink and blue liquid there is fertilizer, so like Strapya says, it's "stress-free".

I love the colours of the bio fertilizer! I know one friend who would love that as a present. This could be a prospective present for their birthday! That is, if I can find something like it at the nearby asian mall.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's Kawaii Item(s)! (Day 1)

Today's kawaii items are...

Ran  and Yuki chibi dolls!

Ran (Shugo Chara) belongs to my sister, and Yuki (Vampire Knight) belongs to me.

While people collect ball jointed dolls, I like softer ones you can cuddle with.

I got Yuki at Anime North 2010. My sister got Ran at an anime store.

I'm hoping to expand this "small collection" soon. Characters I'm hoping to get are Sailor Moon (especially the one from season two), Kaname and Zero (Vampire Knight), and Su (Shugo Chara). I really want these, but I usually spend my money on Hello Kitty stuff. Maybe one day I'll have to hold off on the Hello Kitty for these kawaii chibis!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mangakas: Arina Tanemura

Arina Tanemura is one of my favourite mangakas! She wrote so many wonderful series, and I hope she continues to do so.

She was born in Aichi, Japan, and began her career in 1996 by publishing some stories in Ribon.

Tanemura has a really big worldwide fan base. She has been to San Diego, and I remember reading in her side panels that she also has been to Germany. She probably wrote about other countries she's visited in her side panels.

In my eyes, I find her to be one of the best because she always pushes herself to the limit. Her artworks are extraordinarily detailed, and her art itself is fantastic! I really like the storylines too. They're very original, and with her main series, the concept isn't typical. Throughout the years, she has kept on improving her work, both in the art sense and story sense. If she can improve what she has now, I wonder what fantastic work she'll bring to the otaku world.

Titles of her works are:

  • The Style Of Second Love - 1996 (Japanese title: Nibanme no Koi Katachi) 
  • Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne - 1998 
  • Short Tempered Melancholic - 1998 (Japanese title: Kanshaku Dama no Yuutsu) 
  • ION - 1997
  • Time Stranger Kyoko - 2000 (Japanese title: Jikuu Ihōjin Kyoko) 
  • Full Moon o Sagashite - 2001 (Japanese title: Furu Mun wo Sagashite) 
  • The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross - 2004 (Japanese title: Shinshi Doumei Kurosu) 
  • Mistress Fortune - 2008 (Japanese title: Zettai Kakusei Tencshi Misutoresu Fochun) 
  • The Legend of Princess Sakura - 2011 (Japanese title: Sakura Hime Kaden)
*The years above are years of English release, if released in English at all.
    If I had to pick a favourite out of her works, I would have to say "The Legend of Princess Sakura", which by the way is coming to North America really soon! I'm looking forward to buying the series! When I read this series online, after finishing each chapter, my brain screamed, "NEXT CHAPTER, NEXT CHAPTER!" There was definitely suspense there. I screamed this all the way to chapter 12, where, at the time, there were no more updated scanslations. This was last year, and since then, I haven't kept up with the updates. I don't plan to either, since I found out that it was coming in English. Reading it online would just spoil the surprise for me when I read it from an actual manga. I really do hate that. Although I hate spoilers, there is one series that I always check for updates - Hadashi de Bara wo Fume, or in English, Stepping on Roses. 

    I will continue to support Tanemura sensei, and I hope that others will too!

    So far, this is all I have by Tanemura-sensei:

    *I should really start taking pictures with a real camera instead of cell phone (cries).

    I can't wait for The Legend of Princess Sakura!

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Angelic Pretty: Wonder Cookie Print Dream

    I found this dress on Angelic Pretty's website a while ago, and it's become my dream dress! Sadly, Angelic Pretty doesn't sell it anymore, but it still remains my dream dress.

    I still can't decide on whether I like the pink or the blue one more! 

    The following picture was found here

    The following picture was found here.

    In my opinion, this has to be the cutest print Angelic Pretty has released! 

    If I ever get my hands on a Sweet Lolita dress, I hope it's this print.

    I also had a weird dream that I went to a loli's house to watch a movie, and in her house, lining the walls and hallways, were petticoats. In particular, I saw a green petticoat. Another thing I saw was the light blue Wonder Cookie! I'm wondering now if the blue one really is my favourite. The loli in my dream was really touchy about anyone who touched her loli stuff. 

    Maybe that dream was telling me the future? 

    Only time can tell what will happen. 

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    Expanding Your Manga Collection on a Budget

    We all like to save money, even if it's only a few dollars. Here's a few things I've learned over the years about buying manga a little cheaper:

    1.  Use an Irewards card! (Or any other book membership card!)
    If you shop for your manga at Chapters, Coles, or Indigo frequently, this is ideal for you! This has saved me and my friends a lot of money. Irewards saves 10% on every book bought, so you can imagine the savings when you've bought a lot of mangas!

    2. Buy at Anime Conventions!
    Buying at anime conventions has saved me and my friends lots of money. When I mean lots, I mean a lot. They're much cheaper here. Anime Conventions have been known to sell mangas for as low as $5. These $5 mangas are usually second hand, but they do seem in good enough condition. In Canada, anime conventions have also sold manga for US price, in pristine store-like condition. They are in perfect condition. In the past, my friend, Anna has bought the $5 mangas, and was quite happy with the condition they were in. Being a picky person myself about the pristine condition of mangas, I have bought from Shojo Beat sellers, who sold their mangas at US price. Buying at anime conventions also can find you some rare mangas that you can't find in bookstores anymore!

    ^Anime North 2010's Dealer room

    3. Buy from second hand stores.
    My friends and I bought some mangas from Planet Hobby, which does keep their mangas in a quite fair condition.  I bought Happy Happy Clover volume 2 there, and it was definetly in pristine condition. There are mangas there in conditions I would call poor, but this is coming from a picky otaku! There are some there that I would say are in very good condition, and that I myself would buy.

    4. Wait for promotions that come up!
    Chapters has some promotions once in a while. They have a sale a few times a year where you buy three books, and the fourth book bought is free.

    5. Buy from friends.
    Some of your friends may want to get rid of some manga, and may sell it to you at a lower price.

    Those are ways of saving manga that either myself or my friends have tried. I'm sure I'll have more ways of saving manga in the future. When I have more, I'll post them on here.

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Strapya Samurai Earpick Cell Phone Key chain

    Japan has come up with yet another invention that I don't think anyone else would have thought up of - the "Samurai Style Earpick Cell Phone Strap".

    The pictures below can be found and the charm itself can be ordered here.

    It's a weird and wonderful world we live in.

    Daily Life of an Otaku: Buying Mistress Fortune

    I bought more manga recently! Sadly, just one (cries). I went shopping with my friends Anna and Julie, who also bought manga! Who bought the most out of the three of us? Of course, Anna, who LOVES her books. She bought seven of them today. She has been known to shop for fifteen in a single day. Crazy, isn't it?

    *Sorry for the poor cell phone quality!

    Left to Right: Julie's pile, Anna's pile, and my pile. Ha, mine and Julie's aren't even piles.

    ^There's Anna's pile of manga! She's known for buying 15 in a day. Shocking, isn't it? She decided to tone down on the costs lately.

    ^Left to right is Julie's, Anna's and mine. We exhausted the store's supply within a day!

    The sypnosis at the back reads:
           "Fourteen year-old Kisaki Tachikawa has psychic powers. She works for PSI, a secret government agency that fights aliens. She's in love with her partner Giniro, but PSI won't allow operatives to get involved. Just when Kisaki thinks she may be getting closer to Giniro, she finds out she's going to be California!"

    It's by the famous Arina Tanemura! Of course, in my opinion, it was awesome! I give it a rating of 4 out of 5. My sister loved it, and I think a lot of people would too, because of its humour and story. I reccomend this manga to everyone! (Especially since the graphics are cute!)

    Here's a couple of pictures of the posters at the back: (Again, I apologize for the ugly cell phone quality.)

    I love Tanemura-sensei's art!

    I'll be posting more updates of mangas I buy in the future!