Friday, March 25, 2011

Sailor Moon Returns To North America

That's right. Sailor Moon's coming back. Not as an anime, but as a manga.

Kodansha announced on March 18 that the manga will be released in September later this year. After six years, we'll be seeing Sailor Moon back on book stores' manga shelves.

How did the famous Sailor Moon disappear from our culture?

The largest age group began to age, and the new generation came in the middle of the series, not understanding how the story was the way it was because of the scenes from previous seasons. Interest began to fade.

Another factor of its disappearance is the fact that the production companies discontinued the anime series after the inability to keep their audience. Tokyopop also decided not to renew the license when it expired in 2005.

This is a dream come true for many otakus wanting a copy of this successful series.

As for myself, I'm going to think about it. Being a Sailor Moon fan since childhood, I know this one will be long-running.

I'll see if I'll give the manga a chance, and update if I do decide to buy it.

More information can he found at this link.

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