Wednesday, March 23, 2011

America's Greatest Otaku

Just a few minutes ago, I was searching for otaku communities on Live Journal, and stumbled upon Anime North's page, which had an advertisement from TokyoPop about "America's Greatest Otaku".

TokyoPop's looking for the most die-hard otaku in America! Is it you? Reading the part where it said, "Do you have what it takes?" I thought, "YES, I DO!!!", taking a look at my room. After second thoughts, I took it back.
Here's why.

Die hard - otakus:

  • have anime posters plastered all over their walls and have very little white space left. 
  • have an enormous collection of manga. 
  • Watch anime as much as possible. They use their free time for watching or reading anything otaku. 
  • Go to Japan. 
  • Etc, etc. 

  • have one anime poster (That'll grow sooner or later though).
  • have a moderate sized manga collection. (In my view. Other otakus might consider it tiny. If you're wondering, I'm at 56 mangas and an anime fanbook right now. I think. I have to count again later.) 
  • I've been to Japan once when I was eight, but I was just passing through the airport. 
  • Etc, Etc. 

You can find more of those Die-hard otaku characteristics here. Be warned, this is a very old site, from I think 1998. This quiz has to be the most detailed "How Otaku are You?" quiz I've ever seen in my life. Back when I first read this, I didn't even know what a seiyuu was!

At heart, I think I'm still a die hard otaku. I just need money and access to an otaku empire. T^T

Getting back, you can watch the episodes here. I can't watch it on this site, since it's only available for viewing in the US.

More information can be found on their website. The grand prize is a trip to Tokyo!

I'll have to find it on another site. If it were in Canada, I know someone who would make an excellent candidate!

EDIT: I found episode one that people outside America can watch!

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