Friday, July 29, 2011

15 Followers! Thank you, everyone!

When I found out I had 15 followers today, I knew the first post I was going to write was a thank you post.
The 10 follower milestone was surpassed around two months ago (or maybe less?) but I decided instead to wait to see if I would reach 15, then send out a thanks post.

My blog started out as something I thought nobody would read. It was really for me to write for myself, in the beginning. Gaining followers was definitely a shock.

I am filled with joy to know that my number of supporters is increasing.

Thank you for your support. It always encourages me to continue writing for others to read.

I am also working more on languages. My goal is to be able to write my posts in as many languages possible to cater to the vastly diverse world we live in.

Yo apprendo espagnol for you!
Je vais étudier trés fort!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Sweet Lolita Dream: A Lolita and Fairy Kei Store At the Mall

It's been a while since I had dreams about Lolita and Fairy Kei fashion, and just a few nights ago, I had another!

I remember first being in H&M in a mall, and finding cute pastel headbows, thinking, aww, maybe I can incorporate these into a Fairy Kei outfit! Looking up, I saw two cute Fairy Kei girls passing me by. I smiled, thinking, so cute!!! A few seconds later, I was curious as to see where they would go next, so I ran to the entrance of the store, but they had disappeared!

Down the hall, I saw a girl wearing some sort of Harajuku fashion, passing, and walking into a store (which I had never previously seen!) that held Japanese fashion! I ran to the store, finding two girls who worked there, greeting me in Japanese. One was caucasian, and the other Japanese. They led me into a room full of Lolita clothes, all of them being in the sweet style. I knew that even though this wasn't an Angelic Pretty boutique, I should still buy at least one, since I would probably wouldn't be able to access a store that had all these pretty clothes I was looking for! The last thing I remember before ending my dream was trying on a yellow dress.

It definitely will be a while until I have access to a store with them physically there. As I have stated in earlier posts, I might be going to Fan Expo. Anime conventions are known for carrying brand names from time to time, so I really hope I'll find something there if I go!

Photo rights belong to Angelic Pretty.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Boredom

There have been a lack of posts lately, and the cause of this is lack of things to do. I've been knitting almost everyday and haven't come up with anything interesting or different. I've knitted bows too, but they were just different colours. They're all the same sizes too. I tried making a headband with a bow, but I didn't succeed in getting the perfection I wanted.

On the bus  yesterday, I saw a lady who seemed to be in her twenties knitting! I was really happy, since it was rare for me to find people randomly knitting, and because I forgot my ipod and had nothing to do. This joy lasted until she decided to put her knitting away to read. -.-''

Aside from knitting, I've been working on my Japanese! My Nihongo is still very, very limited, minna. I should be working on my French, though. I'm beginning to forget a lot of things now.

I see a possible road trip in the near future, and a very small possible trip to Fan Expo 2011. I hope I'll find something interesting to put up next time! I really do.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Daily Life of an Otaku: Vampire Knight volume 12

I've been trying to upload this for a while, but for some reason, it wouldn't. Well, it's up here now. Finally! I've been waiting for its release for a while. Too long, that I completely forgot about it until I saw it in the bookstore recently. I was ecstatic to get my hands on a copy!

A while back, I expected the series to end at volume 10. I was wrong! My next guess is volume 15. If not, 20, but I don't think Matsuri Hino would go that far. Then again, maybe she will.

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Blue Bow!

This summer vacation, making things has occupied my time. I made this blue bow a week ago, but wasn't able to upload it for some reason. I also have another picture I want to upload, but it's not uploading either. I'm looking forward this summer to making more things. The thing is, amigurumi (crocheted or knitted toys) are difficult to make, and there aren't many patterns I can find that fit in with the cute subcultures of Japan. For now, I'll have to rely on my brain to come up with things, just like I did with this bow!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Finished My First Decoden Project!

I just finished my first decoden project! I think I should've used a fan to blow the toxic silicone fumes away, but at the very least, I used a mask.

My overall experience with it in three words: It. Was. Terrible.

I have experience with piping, and why it was terrible today? A few things:
- I'm used to piping with easy to move solutions. What I used today (caulking) was just too sloppy.
- I wasn't able to get to some pictures for inspiration. (The computer was being blocked when I needed it the most!)

It was so...ew, that I won't put a picture of it up. It just shows how gross the first time can be. I didn't even put any cabochon on it, because that's how terrible it was.

At the very least, I can say I've tried, and I now have experience with it. There's always room for improvement. This experience only motivates me to work harder at making better decoden in the future.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Closer to Starting Decoden

My biggest obstacle keeping me from starting sweets deco is finding whipped cream. A friend of mine who also does deco den tells me she uses caulking, and told me about a specific type that doesn't chip off. I'm willing to give this a try, since from her pictures of her projects, they don't seem easily broken. This is the last thing on my 2011 resolutions list that I still need to complete. Once I do complete mine (or even start!) I'll post the pictures up. Her advice has given me lots of hope!