Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Kawaii Item(s)! Day 12

Today's kawaii item is... Hello Kitty candy container!

About the item:
At the moment, I'm sort of blind because I just came in from outside. There was snow everywhere, and the white has sort of blinded me. Because of this, I can't really tell if the picture's quality is good or not, so if the quality is pretty ugly, forgive me. Again, this is an old picture since I'm too lazy to upload more. You can see my pink tinkerbell pajamas over there too!
I really like the candy that came from this one! It was orange flavoured, I think. I'm not too sure anymore, since I bought this last summer. What I put in there now is my Hello Kitty sillybands! You can read about them in one of my previous kawaii item posts.They're from an asian supermarket. I think I got this one in Chinatown. I'm not so sure, but I know for a fact that they sell them there. I've seen people use these things as places to keep bracelets, and other jewelry, so there's a creative way to use them if you don't want to throw them out!

More "Kawaii Item(s) of the Day!" posts to come! I'm now motivated to take some more new pictures!

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