Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's Kawaii Item(s)! (Day 8)

Today's kawaii item is...

.... my Hello Kitty - Tuxedo Sam Sanrio 50th Anniversary plushie!!!

About the item: ¸
I got her at Animal World, during their closing sale, which was 50% off everything in the store. With the store being really expensive and having all these kawaii things, I couldn`t resist. These "straight from Sanrio" plushies are hard to find around the GTA, too. Since they were in the midst of a sale (which was pretty rare, coming from them) a lot of the Sanrio plushies disappeared. For the 50th anniversary collection, all that was left was this Tuxedo Sam, or Hangyodon. I picked Tuxedo Sam. I really wished I could`ve gotten the My Melody one! It`s fine, though. I don`t have anything of Tuxedo Sam, so I now have my first Tuxedo Sam item!

I'll be buying more kawaii items tomorrow, and on Sunday, if all goes well.

That means more "Kawaii Item of the Day" posts!

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