Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Perspective On a Pink Bodyline Sailor Fuku

I browsed Bodyline recently to get a look at the things they had in the cosplay section. What I found there was a pink sailor fuku:

The sailor fuku can be ordered and the picture was found here.

I find it really cute, especially in the back. The back reminds me of chibi in a way. I fell in love with it at first sight. It's just so...kawaii! I would wear this to an anime convention if I could.

If I could order it, I would.

 Even if I could order it, I'd be somehow worried. I've heard about their quality. One side argues that it's ita, and the other argues that it's a "hit or miss" situation. The first side would argue back that in Japan, it isn't exactly welcome in events because it "steals prints". The other side would then argue that their prices are really cheap, and it's a great bargain.

I can't really take a side, since I've never bought from here. I'd rather stay on the safe side for now, and maybe either make it myself or find one in person and inspect its quality there. Maybe one day if I'm dying to get something from there, I'll order there, but I still haven't found anything that's fully taken over my brain.


  1. I thought so too, when I first saw her hair. :D

  2. It is it's Miku's Lots of Laugh cosplay and from a small review of this costume everything was great! Bodyline has improved greatly and it might be more hit than miss :] I do plan on getting this costume by the end of the year

  3. :O so it is! Thanks for the information. :D I've finally had the chance to inspect some Bodyline in person, and the quality isn't as terrible as people say! If you do buy this cosplay, I hope you'll make a review on it! :D