Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking for an Anime Convention Around the World?

A while ago, I found a great website that lists upcoming anime conventions, AnimeCons. I found it a great source.

For those who have been otakus for a while now, you may already know this site. For the new otakus, I think you'll find it very convenient.

It shows some conventions around the world, and even pinpoints them on a world map. However, not all conventions are shown. I know for a fact that there are anime conventions in Asia, but they don't show them on the site. Even though this may be the case, I still find it a very reliable source.

Through this site, I found out that there will be one coming soon, on March 19 - 20: The Toronto AnimeCon, which happens twice a year. One in March, and one in December. I'm still debating on if I should go or not.

I hope this post helps some otakus out there looking for a convention near them. Have fun, otakus! I know you will, because I did!

Anime North 2010 - People heading for the Dealer's Room

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