Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Angelic Pretty: Wonder Cookie Print Dream

I found this dress on Angelic Pretty's website a while ago, and it's become my dream dress! Sadly, Angelic Pretty doesn't sell it anymore, but it still remains my dream dress.

I still can't decide on whether I like the pink or the blue one more! 

The following picture was found here

The following picture was found here.

In my opinion, this has to be the cutest print Angelic Pretty has released! 

If I ever get my hands on a Sweet Lolita dress, I hope it's this print.

I also had a weird dream that I went to a loli's house to watch a movie, and in her house, lining the walls and hallways, were petticoats. In particular, I saw a green petticoat. Another thing I saw was the light blue Wonder Cookie! I'm wondering now if the blue one really is my favourite. The loli in my dream was really touchy about anyone who touched her loli stuff. 

Maybe that dream was telling me the future? 

Only time can tell what will happen. 

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  1. They do that JSK (Dress) on Qutieland.com
    and Refuse To Be Usual.



    (Refuse to be usual)

    I just ordered one from Qutieland. :D they do lots of AP replicas :) <3