Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's Kawaii Item(s)! (Day 1)

Today's kawaii items are...

Ran  and Yuki chibi dolls!

Ran (Shugo Chara) belongs to my sister, and Yuki (Vampire Knight) belongs to me.

While people collect ball jointed dolls, I like softer ones you can cuddle with.

I got Yuki at Anime North 2010. My sister got Ran at an anime store.

I'm hoping to expand this "small collection" soon. Characters I'm hoping to get are Sailor Moon (especially the one from season two), Kaname and Zero (Vampire Knight), and Su (Shugo Chara). I really want these, but I usually spend my money on Hello Kitty stuff. Maybe one day I'll have to hold off on the Hello Kitty for these kawaii chibis!

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