Sunday, February 13, 2011

Strapya Bio Tech Plant Cell Phone Charm

If you think that earpick charm was the weirdest thing ever, you're wrong. Strapya has much more than that.

For those who check Strapya often, this is old news, but for those who don't check it at all, here's something the West has probably never thought up: a living plant cell phone charm.

Here was where the photos were taken and the charm can be ordered.

This is perfect for anyone plant obsessed. My dad, being a plant obsessed asian might even like this!

There's no maintenance involved. That pink and blue liquid there is fertilizer, so like Strapya says, it's "stress-free".

I love the colours of the bio fertilizer! I know one friend who would love that as a present. This could be a prospective present for their birthday! That is, if I can find something like it at the nearby asian mall.

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