Monday, February 14, 2011

Milky Planet Mindflash!

In English class today, we were assigning each other roles for a skit. One of the characters was a little girl, and it was decided that it would be me who do that part! While brainstorming, I suddenly had an image flashed into my mind of what I would look like in the skit. The skirt of course, Angelic Pretty. Surprisingly, it wasn't the wonder cookie print, but the Milky Planet Print: (the detail is so intricate!)

Besides the skirt, I also saw myself wearing a pastel pink hoodie, sitting on the floor reading (part of the skit was having the little girl reading on the floor).

I'd have to say, this print might be my second favourite print from Angelic Pretty. That beautiful print really got to me. After that, it might be the Sugary Carnival Print that comes in third, but I still have to decide on that.

Again, I saw blue clothes. Are my dreams telling me I'm destined for blue instead? I doubt that, but maybe my inner self somehow is telling me that I need more pastel blue in my life. This used to be my favourite colour, but I've moved on back to pink. I prefer pink over blue at the moment, but we'll see if I submerge into the sea of pastel blue again. This has happened to me with pink, so why not blue?

Photo rights go to Angelic Pretty. 

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