Saturday, February 5, 2011

Expanding Your Manga Collection on a Budget

We all like to save money, even if it's only a few dollars. Here's a few things I've learned over the years about buying manga a little cheaper:

1.  Use an Irewards card! (Or any other book membership card!)
If you shop for your manga at Chapters, Coles, or Indigo frequently, this is ideal for you! This has saved me and my friends a lot of money. Irewards saves 10% on every book bought, so you can imagine the savings when you've bought a lot of mangas!

2. Buy at Anime Conventions!
Buying at anime conventions has saved me and my friends lots of money. When I mean lots, I mean a lot. They're much cheaper here. Anime Conventions have been known to sell mangas for as low as $5. These $5 mangas are usually second hand, but they do seem in good enough condition. In Canada, anime conventions have also sold manga for US price, in pristine store-like condition. They are in perfect condition. In the past, my friend, Anna has bought the $5 mangas, and was quite happy with the condition they were in. Being a picky person myself about the pristine condition of mangas, I have bought from Shojo Beat sellers, who sold their mangas at US price. Buying at anime conventions also can find you some rare mangas that you can't find in bookstores anymore!

^Anime North 2010's Dealer room

3. Buy from second hand stores.
My friends and I bought some mangas from Planet Hobby, which does keep their mangas in a quite fair condition.  I bought Happy Happy Clover volume 2 there, and it was definetly in pristine condition. There are mangas there in conditions I would call poor, but this is coming from a picky otaku! There are some there that I would say are in very good condition, and that I myself would buy.

4. Wait for promotions that come up!
Chapters has some promotions once in a while. They have a sale a few times a year where you buy three books, and the fourth book bought is free.

5. Buy from friends.
Some of your friends may want to get rid of some manga, and may sell it to you at a lower price.

Those are ways of saving manga that either myself or my friends have tried. I'm sure I'll have more ways of saving manga in the future. When I have more, I'll post them on here.

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