Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The End of the Long Weekend

Today was the end of the long weekend. It was tough getting out of bed this morning. My Easter Monday was filled with walking around. As for the rest of the long weekend, it wasn't so productive. But anyways, here are the results of yesterday's trip!:

(Omit the ipod and bag in the corner)

It's probably surprising to see that I bought all this stuff at all.

The hat and t shirts are from Hot Topic. The usual price for the t shirts are usually around $26 to $28, but since there was a clearance sale, they were only $6.99! Of course, this asian couldn't resist! I was about to only get the Hello Kitty  food shirt, but I reasoned with myself. It'll be a while before these expensive shirts go on a sale with such a low price ever again.

The hat was a bit of a different story. The regular price is $28. Pretty expensive. It was on sale for  $3.99! For such a low price, I picked it up right away. It was the last of its kind in the hat box. This hat was als a Sanrio 50th anniversary item! There were a few other Hello Kitty hats, but I didn't really like the style. It looked like something the stereotypical person in the north would wear.

Last, but not least is my Japanese grammar book! I'm finally beginning to fulfill one of my new year's resolutions. At first, I thought about buying a Japanese dictionary, but a dictionary can't teach you all the fundamentals of Japanese grammatical structure! Unless it's an all in one type of dictionary. Squeezing all that information into the back of that book would not be an easy job. There also are words in Japanese that have no meaning in English. "Ga" for sure is one of them. I could go on about this for a while, but the main point is that a grammar book would be a more sensible purchase when learning Japanese than a dictionary (at first) because a dictionary won't tell you the correct way of putting a sentence together. 

As I walked yesterday, I saw a t shirt in a store window that the words, "The Sun Will Rise Again" printed on it and the Japanese Imperial Flag behind the words. Next to it, was a sign that said that all of the money made from the sale of this shirt would go to Japan. The words on the shirt were moving. It gave me some sort of hope that Japan will rebuild itself back to the strong country it once was. This will happen, we all know for sure, because Japan has the money to rebuild itself. It shattered my heart to see what happened to this beautiful country. One thing we should all remember to is to continue to root for Japan, to give them hope to restore their empire.

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