Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Sweet Lolita Dream: Pink Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Parasol

I had weird dream. Not in the negative sense, but in the positive. I don't remember entirely what happened, since I think I lost fragments of it while I was hurrying to put it all down on my phone. 

The setting was awkward. It was at my school, but the school had turned into a mall, and was much, much larger. 

There was a raffle being done where the cafeteria is with a prize of attending a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright tea party and a Gothic Lolita Bible. There was a guest model at that raffle. Surprisingly, I won (I don't know what happened to my Gothic Lolita bible after that. Maybe it was in my bag?). As we poured out of the cafeteria, we emptied out into the foyer, and some lolis and I decided to wait at the top of the main stairs, at the north of the school, where you could have a great view of the entire foyer. When at last the model and other employees came out to bring us to our tea party (which was located somewhere in the "mall-school"), the model said, "Uhh, it's on the south end." With that, we went downstairs. Somehow, me and some lolis wandered off and found an Angelic Pretty store and a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright store. I'm not sure if the store we went into was one of them, but I know we entered it because I saw a really cute fluffy pink hair bow. There were supposedly no more dresses in the store, but the sales lady told me that there was a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright pink parasol. I asked her how much it was. She told me, $40. I was stunned at how cheap it was, considering that they usually are within a hundred. What was really weird was when I gave her fifty dollars, she didn't use the cash register to give me change. She used her own wallet. Later, I pranced outside to meet other lolitas (close to where the bike racks usually are at school) and said, "Look, I bought my first lolita item!" and we chattered a little. Another weird thing is, I was somehow wearing a pink Bodyline blouse. Before that, I can recall that I wasn`t. It was also contradictory, because I said I bought my first lolita item when I already had a Bodyline blouse on. A loli commented on how "cheap" the blouse was, and we headed to the restaurant for the tea party. Oddly enough, it was at a traditional Japanese restuarant where you sit on the floor. I saw two construction workers there, eating away. I was seated, and I remembered seeing some lolis `crawling around from table to table. I think I saw Maki and Asuka there too. The Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Model was definitely there. My dream ended there (either that, or I don`t remember the rest.)

I think I dreamt of all of these things because: 
  • I love lolita fashion enough that it`s seeped into my subconscious mind.
  • I read that Angelic Pretty was having a guest model on their Facebook page.
  • I was looking at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright pink parasols two nights before.
  • I read about the blogger from  Lolita Wonderland finding a Gothic Lolita bible in a store in her European country.
  • I`ve seriously been thinking about Bodyline.
  • I keep watching tea parties on Youtube. (XD)
  • I remember Angelic Pretty San Francisco had a raffle at their tea party, and a girl won a Wonder Cookie poster.
  • I like low prices (soo true) 
  • I miss going to Japanese restaurants with my friends

That's not my entire dream. I had an odd dream about my friend`s little brother, being on American Idol with other contestants (but not singing), and Hello Kitty candy being sold. 

This is just plain weird and beautiful at the same time. 

Photo rights go to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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