Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tokyopop To Close Down

Tokyopop will be closing down on May 31st this year. Stu Levy's (founder of Tokyopop) message can be found here.

Tokyopop started with only 4 titles - Sailor Moon (later to be re-released in Del Rey), Parasyte, Ice Blade, and Magic Knight Rayearth. Today, they cover a vast array of titles.

My own experience with Tokyopop - as a matter of opinion, I didn't like it so much, but it was still a major company, so it's important. I only own two volumes of manga from them: Shinobi Life, volume one and two.

My question now is, how am I going to finish Shinobi Life if Tokyopop's going to end? Will another company take Shinobi Life over, or will it completely cut off ties with North America? My guess is cutting off ties with America.

My message to Tokyopop is, thank you for providing otakus with manga after all these years you've been there. Thank you for also making the Gothic & Lolita Bible more accessible to us. Many lolitas, I know for sure are thankful for that.  You were definitely a significant part in making your goal - bringing Japanese culture to North America - possible. After 14 years of success, all we can say in return is thank you.

Logo rights go to Tokyopop

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