Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April - Yet Another Month Closer to Anime North

It's April! Time goes by so fast! 2011 will be over faster than we think! I'm sad that it's already April, but on the plus side, it means Anime North will be here in a month! I can't wait! I think I'll make my mind up next time I go to Pacific Mall and buy that Shugo Chara cosplay. Maybe if I buy that, I might buy Amu's wig online. I just really want to cosplay for Anime North 2011.  

Just a few seconds ago, I found that Anime North has an event at the North York Central Library on April 16. More information of this event can be found here.

Speaking of Pacific Mall, I went there last month, but I never created a post of it, or even uploaded it onto my computer. I took a couple a photos of a few stores, like Vivi (which is by the way, a beautiful brand) . I'll post them up one day.

I also did a presentation on Japanese culture earlier. This is a post to look out for soon!

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