Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Asian Heritage Month! & Today's Kawaii Item(s)! Day 14

Happy Asian Heritage Month! Well, I'm a bit late on that one, but better late that never! Today's post won't have translated French for the reason of not having time. Sorry! To start off my string of posts to celebrate Asian Heritage Month, we celebrate with the arrival of today's kawaii item:

... my pink Love Bunnies cell phone charm!

About the item:
I got this cell phone charm in a gachapon at an asian supermarket. This is my first Love Bunnies Item, so it's something I treasure a lot. I chose to buy from the gachapon this is from because, well, I find that it's a bit close to loli fashion. Okay, not really, but it had a bow, and was pink! If it has those elements, you'll find me stuck to it as a child is stuck to a toy. That's right. My childish side is showing.

I'm sorry for today's post being very short. I will put much more time into tomorrow's post for sure. I will try to expand more on Asian Heritage tomorrow.

For now, it's back to studying!

Countdown to Anime North 2011: 25 days 

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