Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back From Anime North 2011!

(Pictures are at the bottom. Many are blurry, so I'm sorry. If you see a picture of yourself and would like to use it, please feel free to do so.)  

I had lots of fun ! (Which is of course to be expected!) I saw so many cosplayers this year. While it had its ups, it also had its downs.

The downside? Just a few things. My sister crushed a new manga by accident and totally damaged it (it's fine though. we can always buy a new one) and my phone almost lost my pictures. No idea how. I actually asked people for their pictures this year, including two very cute fairy kei girls, a girl from Pretty Cure, and a Su from Shugo Chara. Now for my exciting trip!

My sister and I arrived before 9:00, and there was already a line. It wasn't too long, so we were relieved. We expected much more people there, but it was Sunday, the day with the least number of attendees. from what I can recall, there was a Yuki Cross, a girl with half of her hair shaved and the other half purple (amazing, the dedication people put into this!), a girl with a Yoshi shirt, and several girls in mini skirts. While waiting in line, a few cars drove up behind us to drop off other con-goers. Among one of them was a lolita wearing an Angelic Pretty dress! I think it was the Jewelry Jelly Print. Later, we saw a girl in a fairy kei outfit, and immediately, I knew who it was! One of the members of Pinkly Ever After! They have a blogspot where I'm one of their followers, so that's the reason why I know who they are. There was a man with a troll mask carrying  sign with some of the "Friday" lyrics on it, and people said, "Not that song!"

9:30 rolled around, and eventually we went inside to register for the day. We got the Weekend Otaku passes instead, of the usual Sunday passes, so I guess they decided to save time this year and go with one type of pass. We had wait in line for the dealer's room and other events until 10 because there weren't any events that would start until then. One minute before 10, the line started a countdown, and we were let in.

To get to the Dealer's Room, you have to go through the Crafter's Corner. For those who don't know, the Crafter's Corner is an area where people sell their 2D fan or original artwork, in the form of 2D keychains, posters, bookmarks, buttons, well, anything 2D. It was here were I bought my friend a Vocaloid bookmark (since she 's such a huge fan of her!) from the Artist, Eranthe, who has a deviantart account. I love this artist, and definitely will continue to support them if they decide to continue to venture into the next years, which, undoubtedly, they will. I bought a Yuki Cross bookmark and button from them last year. Here's the Yuki Cross bookmark:   

My sister also bought a Vocaloid bookmark from them, and two other buttons. After walking down more aisles, my sister bought a pokemon water type button from another seller. We walked down almost all the aisles, until we decided to go to the dealer's room. Heading towards the entrance, we saw a very fairytale - like area, which turned out to be Pinkly Ever After's table. We knew that later, we would return to look at their items.

In the dealer's room, we made sure to walk through all four corners, and walked around the room without buying anything until 10 minutes before the beginning of the Lolita Fashion for Beginners Panel. We didn't stay for too long, because my sister decided we were going to eat. (I was disappointed, since I was learning a bit about lace that I didn't know before!) We went out and crossed the street to the Congress Centre, where we ate and walked. By the time we got to the Dealer's Room entrance, we had finished our lunch and went to shop around some more. I forgot to add: as we walked, I asked a Cure Black from the anime, Pretty Cure for a picture! That was the first time I asked someone for their picture, so I was somewhat proud of myself. In the dealer's room, I focused on getting Anna's mangas. Armed with her list of mangas and her $200, I hunted for the tables that sold mangas at $5 each. Oddly enough, none of the books there were on her list, so I turned to the tables that sold mangas 10% off of the US price. Throughout this second trip to the dealer's room, I heard a sales person to the side say, "Look at this shopper, a list, and everything." I smiled and said, "A friend sent me here with her list." Another sales lady at the side pointing to the mangas said, "This is all in alphabetical order so..." I replied, "I think we have a long way to go." We bought some manga, and headed towards other sellers and bought everything we could find from her list. We left the dealer's room for a bit so we could count of all the manga we got. We ended up with 19.

We returned, and finally bought our own things. I bought an Onigiri hat from Fruits Basket, and a Sailor Moon nuigurumi. My sister bought a Domo "green" bag, and Shugo Chara Volume 10, which seems to be unavailable in Chapters at the moment. We walked around, and found several places that sold Lolita things. I saw the Gothic Lolita Bibles, and wanted to buy it, but was turned off by the price ($35!). I also saw a Bodyline skirt for $45, but didn't buy it, for some unknown reason. I regret it so much now. T^T

We went out and sat to rest for a bit, until V-chan texted me to tell me she was in the Sheraton Hotel doing DDR. We went there and spent the rest of the time there until 3, and went home.

Now for the pictures!!!

pre registration line

Our bags of things we bought!

Today marks the last day of Asian Heritage Month. To end this post off, for the last time this year, happy asian heritage month!!!


  1. you took a lot of pictures!! i didn't get that many since i was saving my battery for the musical shows >v<). i don't see myself in any of yours, hoho.

    your sister did DDR? if i'd known about that i'd gone too :'D.

  2. My friend did, actually, not my sister. The two of us just watched her. :D Have a fully loaded battery next year so you can take pictures of cosplayers!