Monday, May 16, 2011

My Favourite Asian Food!

(Post #4 of the Asian Heritage Month Series)

I grew up in a country renowned for its cultural diversity, but I still prefer European and American food over asian food. Nevertheless, in throughout the journey of my life (so far!) I've come across Asian food that have become favourites of mine. 

Tonkatsu  -  is probably my favourite so far. I haven't had much experience with Japanese cuisine, since my first time eating it was earlier this year. (I did have some Japanese earlier than that, but never had a full meal to myself!) This was the first dish I ate on my first time at a Japanese restarurant. Tonkatsu is fatless breaded pork, so it's much healthier than our regular meat. I've only ever had this twice, but I'm dying for some more!

Puto   -  is definetly my favourite Filipino food. It's a rice cake, but you can add food colouring to add to its aestheic appeal. I've heard that there are different flavours, but I've never come acoss one of those in my life. My friend's aunt makes the best ones, that even my mom can't duplicate.

Pho  -  was the first Vietnamese food I tried, and I fell in love with it the first time I tried it at a Vietnamese restarant with family, a few years back. I love the beef. I can't exactly describe it, but I can say for sure that most of the beef don't have too much fat in them. It's my sister's favourite too.

I don't have a favourite Chinese food. I've eaten a lot of them, but I don't know what their names are. I've never come across something so good that I had to remember its name. I guess all I can say right now are their noodles.

I've never had a taste of Korean food, aside from the snacks at the supermarket, but I'm sure I'll find a favourite soon.

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