Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anime North Lolita Fashion Excitement

In less than a week, I'll be on my way to my second anime convention! (Still hoping that nothing will get in its way!) I browsed through the site for events I might want to attend, and I really hope I'll be able to attend all the lolita - related events! So far, I've seen three: Beginners in Lolita Fashion, the Lolita Swap Meet, and the Lolita Tea Party.

Beginners In Lolita Fashion speaks for itself. It's a self-explanatory panel.

The Lolita Swap Meet is where Lolitas get together and buy or sell items. You need to RSVP, but you can still join if there is enough room left. I'm really excited for this one, but now that I've found out this event exists, I feel terrible for spending all that money on food and other stuff. T^T I could've bought an Angelic Pretty JSK with the combined total of spending in the past three months. Still, I'm satisfied that I have the amount of money that I do. This event is perfect for me, since I don't like buying online. I can try things on myself instead of having a guessing game. Things I'm hoping to buy (if I can't afford a dress or a JSK) are the huge hairbows, maybe a petti, socks, and any other accessories I can buy. Another thing I forgot to add: you an bargain!

The Lolita Tea Party also speaks for itself. The cost is $15 if you wear cosplay or lolita to this event, and $20 if you don't wear those. I'm trying to find something my sister can wear to this so she'll pay less, even if I don't. Save a little money, right?

I'm super, super excited!

Countdown to Anime North: 3 days!

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