Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Week Since Anime North

I just noticed - the Sailor Moon here from last year at Pacific Mall is the same nuigurumi I bought at Anime North!
It's been a week since all that fun at Anime North! It still hasn't sunk in that it'll be another full year until it comes around again, and that means saving up money, and planning much more carefully on spending. No, not spending less, spending more. I was supposed to buy much more, but my Asian instincts got to me. (-.-) I do regret it, very much, especially when I tried hard saving up ahead of time. It's time to look forward from it now (although I know I'll still be blabbing on about it) and see what other events to look forward to.

The next anime convention coming up, according to animecons.com in Canada in the GTA is FanExpo, which not only centers upon anime, but also includes a comic convention, sci-fi, and others. My friends have been to this one and tell me it's huge, but remember! This is a mixed convention. It's set to take place from August 25 to 28. I'm hoping to attend this convention this year, and if I do, it'll be my first time at FanExpo.

There's another convention in Montreal called Otakuthon, taking place starting on August 12 to 14. I have a very low chance of attending this, but given the chance to visit friends in that area, during that time, I'm hoping to go.

For a complete list of upcoming anime conventions, I suggest the site animecons.com.

Also according to this site, Anime North was listed in the top anime conventions 2010 chart, with around 16 000 paid attendees, and is the only Canadian convention to make the list. All the other conventions are American. Taking first place is - you guessed it - Anime Expo. Good job, Canada, for making the top 10!

Anime North marked the end of an extremely busy week for me, and now, I feel much more relaxed. I'm happy to be able to have less to worry about on my mind!

We were assigned myths in class today, and among the choices were a Japanese legend, and a Chinese legend. Knowing me, you'd have probably guessed that I wanted the Japanese one. You're right! It was too late, though. Another Asian shot her hand up before me and got the Japanese legend instead. T^T  We settled for the Chinese one, so I was a little satisfied. The thing is, part of the presentation is dressing up as one of the characters! If my group were able to have the Japanese one, I would be ordering my kimono or yukata right now! Well, there'll be other times.

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