Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Small Nuigurumi Collection Expands!

Ever since I got my first nuigurumi, I wanted to build a collection of them. After getting Yuki Cross, my sister added Ran to the collection. Our latest addition arrived with Anime North!

Something new I learned about nuigurumi is that there's another name for them - UFO catchers. This name is much more referred to.

I did a "photoshoot" today for these three nuigurumi (with my poor quality phone camera T^T) and more items for my Today's Kawaii Item(s)! posts, since I'm usually to lazy to upload them. Watch out for more of those posts, coming soon!

Our latest addition to our Nuigurumi family!

That's my Japanese bristol board school project behind them.  Please continue to show your support for our Japanese friends!  

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