Monday, July 25, 2011

A Sweet Lolita Dream: A Lolita and Fairy Kei Store At the Mall

It's been a while since I had dreams about Lolita and Fairy Kei fashion, and just a few nights ago, I had another!

I remember first being in H&M in a mall, and finding cute pastel headbows, thinking, aww, maybe I can incorporate these into a Fairy Kei outfit! Looking up, I saw two cute Fairy Kei girls passing me by. I smiled, thinking, so cute!!! A few seconds later, I was curious as to see where they would go next, so I ran to the entrance of the store, but they had disappeared!

Down the hall, I saw a girl wearing some sort of Harajuku fashion, passing, and walking into a store (which I had never previously seen!) that held Japanese fashion! I ran to the store, finding two girls who worked there, greeting me in Japanese. One was caucasian, and the other Japanese. They led me into a room full of Lolita clothes, all of them being in the sweet style. I knew that even though this wasn't an Angelic Pretty boutique, I should still buy at least one, since I would probably wouldn't be able to access a store that had all these pretty clothes I was looking for! The last thing I remember before ending my dream was trying on a yellow dress.

It definitely will be a while until I have access to a store with them physically there. As I have stated in earlier posts, I might be going to Fan Expo. Anime conventions are known for carrying brand names from time to time, so I really hope I'll find something there if I go!

Photo rights belong to Angelic Pretty.


  1. Ahh, that would be a dream. I wish there was someplace nearby where I could buy lolita clothing. I think the closest store that sells brand is Tokyo Rebel, all the way in New York. -_- Then again, there's also the fact that those JSKs and OPs cost an average of 300$... I plan to go there one day, though! Have fun at the Fan Expo, if you do get the chance to go.

  2. Ahh! Tokyo Rebel! I've heard of that store! There were videos of their stuff on Youtube too! On a trip to New York in the future, make sure to go there, even if the prices are just heart-stopping. Just seeing them in front of you, and even getting to hold them are maybe even a step closer, even if you're not going to buy them.

    There was a store up here in Canada in Toronto that sold some Lolita items, but it closed down! T^T I was going to go there one day, when I had the transportation!

    One of the things I would change about Lolita fashion if I could would be the price. They're just mind-blowing.

    I really hope I can go! :D

  3. Yeah, after I got over the prices (After all, if I ordered brand online, more likely than not, it would cost around the same, or even more because of the shipping to US), I went back to the site. And omg, on August first, there's a meet-and-greet with Masumi Kano and Mitsuba! I wanna go so bad. ;_; BtSSB is my fav. Brand. So prettyyy. Darn the lack of transportation...

    Aww. D: That's sad. At least you still have The Pacific Mall~ There isn't really any store in our mall that caters to otakus. F.Y.E. sometimes has stuff, though. I love my OHSHC and Death Note posters I got from there!

    And yeahh. I've always wanted to go to a convention. Otakon is close-by, but I never had the $$. xP

    Whoo. Long comment. xD

  4. Is that Meet and Greet at the San francisco store?

    If you look hard enough, you might find a place that sells Lolita ish or otaku stuff. Happens to me sometimes!

    You should save up to go to one! There are always exciting lolita events!!

  5. Actually, it's at Tokyo Rebel. They're having a fashion show at Otakon (Which is so close, yet so far. *cry*), and they're stopping by at Tokyo Rebel to talk, have photos, and have meet and greets with people.

    That's true. I just need to keep my eyes peeled. Sometimes I notice a blouse or something that is loli-worthy. I need to go thrifting again soon...