Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Boredom

There have been a lack of posts lately, and the cause of this is lack of things to do. I've been knitting almost everyday and haven't come up with anything interesting or different. I've knitted bows too, but they were just different colours. They're all the same sizes too. I tried making a headband with a bow, but I didn't succeed in getting the perfection I wanted.

On the bus  yesterday, I saw a lady who seemed to be in her twenties knitting! I was really happy, since it was rare for me to find people randomly knitting, and because I forgot my ipod and had nothing to do. This joy lasted until she decided to put her knitting away to read. -.-''

Aside from knitting, I've been working on my Japanese! My Nihongo is still very, very limited, minna. I should be working on my French, though. I'm beginning to forget a lot of things now.

I see a possible road trip in the near future, and a very small possible trip to Fan Expo 2011. I hope I'll find something interesting to put up next time! I really do.

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