Friday, July 29, 2011

15 Followers! Thank you, everyone!

When I found out I had 15 followers today, I knew the first post I was going to write was a thank you post.
The 10 follower milestone was surpassed around two months ago (or maybe less?) but I decided instead to wait to see if I would reach 15, then send out a thanks post.

My blog started out as something I thought nobody would read. It was really for me to write for myself, in the beginning. Gaining followers was definitely a shock.

I am filled with joy to know that my number of supporters is increasing.

Thank you for your support. It always encourages me to continue writing for others to read.

I am also working more on languages. My goal is to be able to write my posts in as many languages possible to cater to the vastly diverse world we live in.

Yo apprendo espagnol for you!
Je vais étudier trés fort!


  1. Writing blog posts in more than one language is a lot of work. Do your best!

  2. Congratulations, Mari! X3
    Good luck with the bilingual posts~ <3

  3. @ Mun-Yeen: Thanks! There's more to learn before I can really express myself in more! :D

    @ Puffle Dust: Thanks! ^~^