Sunday, January 9, 2011


kawaiikawaiiyume is a blog where a kawaii-loving girl blurts out all the things that may not come out in real life that she wants to scream out to the world, where I seem more relaxed. To people who don't really know me, I seem like a quiet nerd covered in pink hovering over her notes in the front of the classroom, while my friends know me as a pink-kawaii-otaku-sanrio-lolita fashion loving explosion.

My likes and interests, as stated above, include:
  • Pink stuff
  • Anything kawaii
  • Manga and Anime
  • Sanrio
  • Lolita fashion
  • Hime Gyaru and Gyaru fashion 
  • Playing the piano
  • Jpop and Kpop (mostly Jpop)
These are the things this pink explosion will be writing about.

Without the above things, my life would be pretty much going to church, watching TLC, and school.

A little more about me:
  • I hope to be a Sweet Lolita sometime in the future, when I have more money, and I find a place where I can find ANGELIC PRETTY (favourite brand) and other brands! :D (I've already found one, but it's just a matter of the location being a bit far.)
  • I find Japanese culture to be the most interesting culture.
  • Because I'm a nerd and like to research, I bumped into Sweet Lolita during one of my research sessions. The first time, I thought it was cute and dismissed it, but the second time, I became more interested, and researched it even more deeper. That's when I started to take a liking to Classic Lolita, which later evolved into my liking of Sweet Lolita.
  • I like cosplay and lolita, but I prefer lolita. I've spent too much time just browsing through pictures, and finding as much as I can on the fashion! 
  • Sanrio is a big part of my life. This means that I buy anything Sanrio I can get my hands on. I grew up with cousins and friends who obsessed Hello Kitty, so it's had a great impact on me.
  • The first store me and my friends go to once we reach the mall is the Asian store full of cuteness (sadly retired last year!), or the manga section in the bookstore.
  • This is my first blog (not counting the one from my otakuzone account!) so please bear with me when I make my mistakes.
  • I love learning about cultures and languages! When I research things outside of schoolwork, this is one of the things I search for on the internet. I'm currently trying my best to learn Japanese, and trying to do the best I can with the French I learn in school. I know enough French to have a small conversation. 
  • I love making new friends who share the same interests! 

I picked this name because:
  1. kawaii yume and kawaii kawaii was already taken.
  2. kawaii is something that I live by, because it's a part of me. A teenager's bedroom reflects their personality. My bedroom happens to be full of kawaii items.
  3. It relflects what the blogs centres on, mostly kawaii things, otaku stuff, and anything Japanese-cute (SWEET LOLITA!!!)
  4. Yume was picked because I wanted the name to sound gentle, and childish sounding.
  5. I wanted people to know that it relates to cuteness. Specifically Japanese cuteness. 


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Now that I've read your intro (The intro is the place I always go to first in blogs), I agree that we have a lot in common! I'm a bit of a nerd who loves lolita, manga, anime, and learning (especially about different cultures!) xD I wish I could play an instrument, but all I can do is sing. ;P I look forward to seeing your new entries, and reading through some of your past ones. ^_^

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog too! ^~^ I can't wait to see more of your posts!